Art and Wine Lovers Meetup

Great news for Art and Wine lovers in Frederick, Maryland


Yes !!! …. I took over a meetup: Downtown Frederick Art and Wine Lovers and scheduled the first meetup for Tuesday November 18 from 7pm to 9:30pm in my studio in the Blue Elephant Gallery.

We are going to paint a group project, enjoy wine, talk art !!

This group is for Wine and Art aficionados

And for those who are interested in connecting to the local art community and meet all those talented people.

We meet every other month and will be featuring one of two artists per event. If you are interested to share your vision, your passion, your art, and maybe sell a few pieces then please contact me. We welcome not only visual artists but everyone who can bring some creative spark to this group.

This of course is a two way street. For artists it is a great platform to get their name out and get a feeling of what lives in the community and how their art is viewed.

Click here for the link of our next meetup:






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