Busy ….

orange tabby starry night


We are painting this cute painting at Visarts on Sunday afternoon.

As you might all know by now.  I always wanted to paint but didn’t start until my kids were securely in college. I know how intimidating it is to enter a class with students who seem to have been bitten by the painting talent bug … but I did sign up, and I persevered, because it felt good and I knew that I could do it too. I worked hard and now I want to show you how rewarding and healing it is to paint and to do what you love.

So I get a kick of the happy faces of people who thought that they were absolutely NOT creative … and no matter what they all are having so much fun at these events and some even have the courage to move on to art classes but you don’t have to.

Just be yourself and give yourself permission to have fun … no matter what the outcome is. Go for the process … 🙂


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