Do I need a coach? … Yes, we all do

The answer to “Do I need a coach?” is unequivocally “Yes, we all need a coach”


Years of coaching and especially coaching with painting from the subconscious mind, made me see what most people are struggling with. Surprisingly or maybe not, we are all looking for the same thing but in different ways. We all want love, respect, recognized for who we are. How we are going about it, is where it becomes complicated, but still we all seem to think that control is an absolute must. But together with a number of beliefs we have formed over the years, the control we think will hold us together in actuality keeps us from getting in touch with our true selves.

What I see in my clients is best described with the following metaphor:

Imagine yourself holding on to a long metal pole with a platform on top with a pile of your beliefs, your life. If you let go of your grip the pole won’t hold up and with that your life. You fall apart! completely and utterly apart … with a fear so great you are holding on for dear life, but from time to time you waver and the poles sways from left to right … Oh NO! … so you fasten your grip … but over the years you are getting so tired, your hands sweaty and slippery and … yes, you let go, you slide down, the poles crashes and with that your whole life!

So now what? Well while you are hunkering down, your life in thousand pieces, something happens. Some inner strength that has always been there unseen, not nurtured, grows inside. You realize that in order to go on you have to live YOUR life, from WITHIN and slowly … slowly … you gain inner strength, your spine grows stronger and straightens and before you know it you are walking again.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to live with this inner strength instead of holding on to something from outside?

Inner strength is always with you. You don’t get tired of it. You don’t have to hold on to it. It holds on to you.

And that is where a life coach comes in. A coach can help you to see what is really important to you. Where YOUR strength lies and live it. Now you can live a balanced life and be more emotionally available for your loved ones as well.

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