Free Expression will transform you

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Last week I did this wonderful presentation in the Burwell-Morgan Mill in Millwood, VA. ┬áSo liberating to just let your brush lead. I painted this black and yellow painting with white accent dots. I didn’t think about making anything really. I started with a squarely vertical black line and went from there, more black lines, then yellow and more black. At the end I added the white dots and when I made a picture of it I noticed that I had painted snakes. Where did they come from? No idea … Pretty cool though.


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And that’s what it is all about. Just paint, switch to stand-by and paint some more, enjoying the process. Students who have done this exercise told me that they got bored half way through, but they got a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when they were finished. They were also pleasantly surpassed by the result of it.

And that you can use in other parts of your life. Notice while doing this exercise when boredom shows up and what you are telling yourself. Do you want to quit? Are you bored? Not going fast enough? … and notice when that shows up in your life. What are you doing? And what is your relationship to finishing tasks?

Since I am doing this exercise I am more willing to be in the moment, to just do it and to pull it through until the end. It also calms me when things show up as where I am not sure about the outcome, where to park or how to get somewhere I have never been before. I am now more confident that I will be able to accomplish what I set out to do, to also have more patient with myself.

Try it … discover the healing powers of intuitive painting. You will be pleasantly surprised what it can do for you.


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