How I got my Tinnitus under control ….

For two decades now I have Tinnitus. If you don’t know what it is you are one of the lucky ones, but if you suffer from a buzzing or ringing in your ear you know how debilitating it can be.

I won’t go in all the details about the how and why, but if you are interested to find out more about Tinnitus go to the American Tinnitus Association where you can find all the facts of this perceived sound that is not actually there.

When I lived in Germany my doctor couldn’t find anything wrong, but prescribed me some pills to alleviate the symptoms. To tell you the truth it didn’t do very much but I kept taking the pills anyway until I moved to the US in 2000 where these pills were not FDA approved so I decided to stop taking any medication and just live with it.

It worked on and off, nothing I tried like not listening to it, listening to music trying to sleep, but whatever I tried it didn’t change anything. Sometimes it got really loud. I had to tell myself not to pay any attention to that whistle in my ear but once I started actually listening to it I couldn’t hear anything else.

The big surprise came when 5 years later I started to paint. Yeah you know paint on a canvas with paint. In the beginning I didn’t notice it but the sound was gone. Wow!! How did that happen? AI fter some time figured out that it must have something to do with the painting, with the getting in touch with myself by painting. I must say that I painted about every day and it had a calming effect.

Now ten years later I am teaching and coaching with paint, more than I am painting myself and yes the sounds comes back … always when I haven’t painted in a while.

I don’t perceive the sound as a nuisance anymore, but more as a warning signal that I need to pick up my brushes, grab a canvas and find that pot of paint.





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