How to not mop your dirty floor …

It might not surprise you that I get all kind of requests for coaching. It is without a doubt a big step to acknowledge that you need help and that hiring a coach can get you out of the quagmire and moving forward again. Some clients sign up right there and then, others still have doubts and fear to go out of their comfort zone.

Let’s take a closer look at what some of the reasons for not hiring a coach are:

1. I can do it by myself

2. I don’t have the time right now

3. I can’t afford it

I can do it by myself – Fantastic! And why has that not worked until now?

How are you going to make a change? A coach has a whole program for you to work with.

You will have to learn to look from different perspectives, learn what your core values are, how to take different decisions. Keep doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different outcome is the definition of insanity. It’s like mopping your floor with a dirty old smelly rag and a bucket full of murky water … you can keep pushing the dirt around but your floor is not going to get any cleaner. It will still be a dirty mess.

You will have to abandon your old habits. You will have to rinse the bucket and fill it with clean soapy warm water, preferably with a heavenly citrus smell …. mmmh … take a moment to breath it in … can’t you almost smell it? … now take a clean rag and start cleaning … what a difference does that make?

That’s how different decision making works. It will get you a different result.

Stop reading if you are not prepared to step out of your comfort zone and make a conscious step to change your life for the best. If you are interested keep reading.

Some of the excuses for deciding to not hire a coach, even knowing deep down that a coach can give the desired results, are:

I don’t have the time right now – Right! What does the right time look like?

Isn’t there a better time than now. If not now then when? When the chickens come home to roost? Dive in and let the process evolve. Why go on being unhappy and unfulfilled when you can live your best life?

Shouldn’t living a life on purpose, wanting the best for yourself, be on top of your list instead of floating around somewhere in the sky? Grab it and start living your life. Find out what’s important to you and live your values. Not only you will profit from it but your loved ones too.

I cannot afford it – Really? Make it your highest priority. Grade the need for change on a scale from 1 (not important) to 10 (very important). Write it down on a piece of paper and put it aside.

So now let’s look at the cost of hiring a coach. First of all the coach needs to pay rent too.  And on top of that if you only had to pay a nominal fee of let’s say $5 an hour, would you be committed to put in all the work? Not! Because you don’t value it. Studies have proven that.

So if your need is high and the money is not growing on a tree in your backyard try saving on other expenses that are not really necessary. Go to the drugstore and buy a few bottles of colorful nail polish and polish your own nails for a couple of months. You might like it. Now you can even change your nail color every day matching your outfit! Woohoo! Forget about Starbucks, help the environment and buy a french press to make your own coffee. There are endless possibilities to save money and I bet that if you make into a fun game, that in the end you can afford a coach AND save money.

Take your paper with your grade … what does it say? How badly do you want to make a positive lasting change?

If you still have doubts whether or not a coach is the way to go, at least be smart about making a change by getting a clean bucket of water and invest in a new rag.

Happy mopping 🙂


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