Intuitive painting .. what is it?

Intuitive or mindful painting is a bit hard to explain because it is so different from what we are used to. We always have some kind of idea with whatever we set out to do. When intuitive painting is done right there is absolutely no agenda. The brush will do the work for you. You will work without any preconception as to what you are going to do. Now here’s the hard part. From all the workshops I have facilitated I’ve learned that what always comes to the surface is that it’s hard to believe that something without planning or skill can be worthwhile. 

Emphasis is on the process, on the doing and being and not on the end result. By being in the moment without any judgment, by painting from the unconscious mind you will make room to connect to your inner wisdom. This is also called the flow or being in the zone. 

Now the other thing I’ve noticed is that then the assumption arises that the end result will be ugly, messy and chaotic or that it has to be beautiful if it comes from the intuition. There is always an expectation as to what it should or should not be. The beauty is that it doesn’t have to be anything or can be all those things. It can be easy to do, it can be a struggle, it can be beautiful, it can be ugly. It doesn’t matter. It will  one thing and that is YOU. 

In the life coaching workshops we will go into the meaning of what was painted and look at the now and the future, not the past as with art therapy. With intuitive painting we are not analyzing what was painted. It is more about engaging with your own mystery. In both cases healing will happen. Once you trust yourself that you can actually make something without the left brain in control you will notice the healing and freeing aspects of intuitive painting.

Try it … not once or twice but make it a practice as with meditation and yoga.

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