WOW …   have been uploading all my new classes and workshops for the first semester of next year.

I am going to be one hell of a busy lady !! …

…  and I have also been adorning my website with lots of joyful pictures of classes this year.

So much fun we’ve had !!

In April I started in Vini Culture (a wine bar in Frederick) with Paint and Wine events. That is super cool and growing fast.

Guess what?

Next week I will also be instructing these events at Visarts in Rockville, for which I am very grateful. It will be a little bit different then what I have done so far.

I usually work with small-ish groups and give lots of individual attention, so this will be a change but I am very happy to be part of these successful events at Visarts. It’s an honor and will be also a lot of fun.

My first group is next week and it’s a private party

Next year I am also going to do a few art shows and hopefully sell a few paintings. Of course you can always come and see me in my studio in Frederick. Just let me know in advance as I am on the road a lot with my shop.

Thank you all my loyal followers

Can’t wait to see you all in the new year

Let’s make it even more fun and creative !!!

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