Why I am happily paying my life coach the big bucks

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The most powerful ally I’ve ever had is a man who doesn’t believe half of what comes out of my mouth.

What makes him such a powerful ally is that even when I think all the odds are stacked against me, he knows the only things in my way are my BS limiting beliefs, and my fear of failing. All of my excuses and sob stories are received with a knowing smile and an invitation to see my challenges from another perspective.

Most people misunderstand life coaches. There are probably a few different reasons for this, the first likely being that when we think of the word “coach”, we think of the guy who’s yelling at us to do 20 pushups between laps around the field.

The second reason we misunderstand them is that there are plenty of people calling themselves life coaches who aren’t actually coaches. These people have answers for our problems. They’re experts and they can be very helpful in the areas of business … (read more)

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