Why wait until tomorrow?

You don’t always have to have a specific goal for coaching. Most of the times clients come to me with a feeling of not knowing where to go next, simply an uneasy feeling.  Coaching will affect your whole life, not just fixing the fact that you want another job. 
One of my clients mentioned that she didn’t like her job, didn’t like her boss and didn’t have any friends. She wanted friends. After a thorough value clarification she now has too many friends and too many job offers. Once she started to live authentically she attracted all the right stuff. It fully grounded her, she has more self love, more satisfaction in her life and feels connected to the community. When we started the coaching she didn’t realize that she had – in her own words – all these “crazy” rules for people resulting in no one was good enough to be her friend. She also had a trust issue and was afraid to open up about herself. She is still careful, but she realized that opening up to the right people in an appropriate way shows that she is human too with all the good and the bad stuff. It gives the relationship a flow.
So with her initial “I want to have friends” we were able to take a look at her whole life and turn it around for the best.
Another client came to me with a feeling of what now? Empty nester, not happy all around. She too is in a different job, has more friends, worked on existing relationships and feels more grounded.
Just to show that you don’t have to have a specific goal. You can start with a simple statement or question and take it from there. 
Why keep on living “wanting more” – feeling happy, hoping tomorrow will be better than today?
Contact a coach you like and trust and work on yourself.
You too deserve to live your very best life!!

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