Painting & Journaling with Heart & Purpose

Freely express yourself with tranformational arts!Virtual Workshop Group
6 weeks (Only 8 Participants)
April 11 – May 16

Join this weekly call-in group workshop where we take the time to reflect and generate new ideas. Meet other creative souls or join with your friends. Let’s make it a hangout with passion and fun!!

Every week has a theme with thought provoking questions for journaling and art projects for the coming week. We meet on Skype, super easy. The calls will be recorded so even if you miss a session you will still be in the loop.

What you take away from this course is a new perspective on life and tools to make different choices. Experience how much fun it is to trust your intuition. Strengthen your self esteem and find your life purpose.

Registration closes April 4:
Click here to book your virtual seat early!

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