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When you’re painting out of your unconscious, figures are bound to emerge ~ Jackson Pollock

“When we take the wrong approach to a problem, which happens often, we get nowhere by continuing to think about it. But if we refrain from thinking about the problem and distract ourselves… [we] transition from a rigid, convergent perspective to an associative, divergent perspective.” 

The Age of Insight – Eric Kandel

Elisabeth is a partner Coach at the

Wholistic Woman Retreats

to even better serve you!


We offer monthly programs for personal and professional development led by certified life and executive coaches. Join us at one or more retreats to further develop your whole self – heart, mind, body, and spirit – and bring your best to work, and all areas of your life.

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January 24 in Brewer’s Alley, Frederick 5:30-8:30

In a recent CBS Sunday Morning interview Matthew McConaughey said that when he wanted to take his career to another level he only accepted roles that pushed him out of his comfort zone and began to focus on the experience and the process rather than the outcome and then he noticed that he was having more fun and having better results than ever before. Interesting isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you like to have better results too?

This is what Valerie wrote in her blog about the last workshop: Intuition and Insight

Doctors using art as a way to cope

Unleash The Creative Genie Within

by tapping into your Quality Within 


 Workshop in Louisville, Colorado – August 2012

Carol: Elisabeth Vismans is the creativity muse that you’ve been waiting for! By working in multiple modalities, and approaching her work with lightness and intuition, she’ll help you break through your mental brick walls. I loved her Process Painting workshop and even more, the way Elisabeth allowed me to discover what was inside of me that was unspoken, yet oh so powerful.

Art is a marriage between the conscious and the unconscious ~ Jean Cocteau

Is Mindful or Intuitive Painting for me?

Transformational Art or Intuitive  Painting is all about the Process and not about making a pretty picture. By focussing on the process strong emotions might surface and the images you paint will tell you what goes on deep inside giving you insight to make positive change. Develop greater self awareness.  Reclaim your spiritual identity, and awaken to the deeper reality around you.


Experience the healing powers of painting from your intuition under the gentle guidance of Elisabeth. There is no critique, no judgment. Painting with water based paint on paper you are free to make as many creations as you want. Paint like a 5-year old. Fearless!! It’s the perfect way to learn how to integrate more creativity, joy and aliveness into your daily life.

Yoga and Intuitive Painting

in one workshop

This 2-hour workshop starts with 45 minutes yoga followed by an hour painting from your intuition with tempera, a non-toxic water based paint. Yoga will open you up so you can fully enjoy the process of working with your intuition and reveal your unconscious.


Presentation and Workshop at

Frederick County Art Association

Monday April 10 at 7pm




We had a great group of 25 participants







 mostly we are pretty serious but sometimes we create a delicious mess



A workshop for ICF coaches


A super fun workshop with Beth Herman, an equus coach to show the power of coaching with other modalities. We were at a horse farm in Hampstead, Maryland (September 2015).

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Beth and I had a blast showing other coaches what it is to coach with paint and with a horse. 

in one word:


Painting & Horses: A Workshop for Coaches

By Joy Goldman, PCC  Secretary, ICF MD Chapter

September 29th was an overcast and dreary day, not unlike many of the days the latter part of September and early October.  I was one of sixteen lucky people who got to participate in Elizabeth Herman’s and Elisabeth Vismans’ ICF-Maryland’s workshop on painting and horses, and their use in coaching. This three-hour workshop was held on the beautiful Four-Quarters Farm in Hampstead, MD.

After introductions, Elisabeth introduced us to our first hour of painting.  Her coaching to us was to suspend the judging mind and to be present to the colors that were speaking to us, and the strokes that emerged from us as we faced our blank canvas.  If you’ve ever … (read more) 


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