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Elisabeth donated her time and knowledge and facilitated a workshop for 7 graders at the Two weeks ago I facilitated a workshop for students at the Loiederman middle school in Silver Spring, Montgomery county, Maryland.

A. Mario Loiederman, a civil engineer, served as Chairman of Rockville’s Loiederman Associates, Inc. Mr. Loiederman was an active and passionate patron and supporter of the arts in Montgomery Country, the State of Maryland and nationally and in 2005 this middle school was named after him.

The workshop was for an after school program for 7 graders. This particular program is called: Design your own destiny !! and this year’s theme is: The skin I’m in !! The program’s goal is to give the kids more confidence.

I had never done such a thing, meaning tailor a workshop to the needs of the group, but was honored to be asked and of course excited. And I’m always up for a challenge, so I started thinking and planning.

I love the dynamic of groups and this group of 12 and 13 year old girls was particularly exciting. I came up with: Find your Magic and show it !! with the goal to show the kids that each one of them is unique and has something special to offer and how important it is to find it, work with it and that once you do what you like you will gain confidence. We talked, we worked with colored pencils … and we had a ball !! What a fantastic group. Thank you so much for inviting me 

Afterwards they were asked for feedback and especially the word “magic” resonated with them. And I got this lovely thank you poster from them. How fun !!





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 Elisabeth’s presentation at the Art in the Mill show in Millwood, VA in September 2013


In May of 2014 Elisabeth participated in the yearly free workshop for kids in Baker Park, Frederick organized by the Griffin Art Center. It was a sunny and lovely day.  A lot of the parents were walking around too. There was a big group of kids ages 8 – 17.

Elisabeth took a group of 8 to 10 year olds under her wing. An afternoon painting outdoors. The weather gods were smiling at us. We chose a nice spot in the shade by the fountain. These kids were so much fun and creative. They painted the fountain, trees, flowers … was great fun !! Afterwards there was a critique by Walter Bartman and a show in the Talon Gallery in the Griffin.


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