Intuitive painting/life coaching, led by an intuitive teacher created magic for me. My hands are itching to paint again, and I’m a word person!
So excited to keep playing, and tapping into this new form of expression.

Thank you Elisabeth! Will definitely take another class with you. 
Denise Keyes, Washington DC 

Hi Elisabeth, just wanted to share something with you.  In my meditation this morning, I saw a group of women doing yoga at the feet of a Black Madonna (you can Google “Black Madonna” if you want to know more about these mysterious figures). Afterward, I sat down with some watercolors and in 5 minutes threw out the attached sketch. I was going to put it into my journal and was wondering how to annotate it so that it would make sense.  Immediately the words “Kundalini Rising” came to me.  

Clearly my experience with you and the group yesterday had something to do with this visual — and the words that came with it — popping into my head. Thanks for giving me some much needed courage to capture what I saw/felt freely, without being bound up by the chains of self-judgement. Before yesterday I never ever would have tried to sit down after meditation and capture an image or a feeling quickly in visual form. The workshop obviously loosened something up for me!
You are doing great work in the world!
IMG_4763 (1)
Nan, Pompano Beach, FL – Intuitive Painting/Life Coaching Workshop | Yellow Barn, Glen Echo

Just finished a wonderful painting class with Elisabeth Vismans entitled Painting Flowers.  There was instruction on brushstrokes, color, and tone, as well as the steps to starting and completing a painting. Elisabeth was fabulous at helping you discover and feel comfortable with your own style of painting. She was really encouraging in her critiques of my work and gave constructive suggestions for improvement. I highly recommend taking a course with Elisabeth.
Lisa, Washington DC – student in Painting Flowers Class

By working with creative expression Elisabeth has helped me to get in touch with unconscious processes. Using the visual language brought them to the surface so that I was able to verbalize and deal with them. It enabled me to quickly come to the core of the matter opening pathways to move forward in a constructive way. I loved it, deep and inspiring to work with her as my coach.
Barbara, Zaanstad, the Netherlands (coaching language: Dutch)

Elisabeth is a very warm hearted and authentic coach. Her empathy with me as her client was resilient, creative and intuitive. Her knowledge of deep coaching brought me to a different perspective to move forward in my life and also as a CPCC coach myself. Thank you so much Elisabeth, keep up that positivity, aliveness and passion.
Claudette CPCC – Dubai, United Arab Emirates (coaching language: Dutch)

It was a joy to be part of this experience. 
You are an amazing teacher and I’m very grateful to you.
I will keep you posted on my painting and look forward to seeing you soon.
Student in Intuitive Art Class, Yellow Barn

Prior to Elisabeth’s intuitive painting/coaching workshop, my creativity was blocked like a closed clamshell. Her one-day workshop pried open that creativity and let it release like a gusher of free-flowing energy. The goal was not to paint pretty pictures, so the experience went from being performance-based like most art classes, to feelings-based like therapy. The workshop was like months and months of therapy, realizations, and understanding all wrapped into one day. It was a beautiful experience, and one that I repeat in my dreams from time to time. I can’t wait to repeat it in real-life; Elisabeth’s gentle way but very keen and deep observations really helped me go deep within myself. I felt as though I really got in touch with my subconscious mind, and her coaching and training as a professional and talented artist allowed me to come into full contact with myself in a very profound way through art. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve themselves, unlock their creative energy, develop and grow into a more whole person, and let go of the past for a brighter future. 

Catherine Hitchcock | NYC


unnamed-3One of the most important things Elisabeth helped me with was identifying my values–something I already knew deep down but wasn’t acting on. Elisabeth guided me on how I can “live my values” in an intentional way. This sounds simple–and like something we all probably learned long ago–but it was surprising for me to see how little self-awareness I actually had about this. Living my values has helped me to move forward with decisions about the direction of my career, and it’s impacted my relationship with my kids in a positive way (my daughter told me recently that she and her brother find it easier to talk to me now). Being mindful of my values has also helped me to understand why I do/don’t want certain people in my life and to feel confident and positive about those choices.

Susan Jansen | Coaching – Painting client | Editorial Services – sjansen1001@gmail.com

My former Japanese client whom I have been coaching for almost two years is now in the process of moving from NYC back to Japan emailed me the following (used with her permission):

“Hi Elisabeth!

I think value definition is one of the highlights in your coaching!
It’s the core to one’s being. Knowing what’s important to me 
has really shaped firmly who I am today. 
It’s really grounded me for everything from making friends to job search.”
I’m so proud of her!!


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.27.40 PM

Painting & Horses: A Workshop for Coaches

September 29th was an overcast and dreary day, not unlike many late September days.  I was one of sixteen lucky people who got to participate in Elisabeth “Beth” Herman’s and Elisabeth Vismans’ ICF-Maryland’s workshop on “Painting + Horses”…and how they support the coaching process.  This three-hour workshop was held on the beautiful Four-Quarters Farm in Hampstead, MD, home of EBH Equus Coaching. 

After introductions, Elisabeth introduced us to our first hour of painting.  Her coaching to us was to suspend the judging mind and to be present to the colors that were speaking to us, and the strokes that emerged from us as we faced our blank canvas.  If you’ve ever tried to do that, you might imagine the potential struggle to get out of your head and all of your beliefs around: “I’m not an artist;” “I don’t know how to paint.”  “I can’t draw anything!”

In less than an hour, Elisabeth masterfully coached us to see the metaphors of our life in our painting.  How willing were we to experiment with bold strokes?  How were we feeling and how successful were we at getting out of judging mode?  What might happen if we were to let go?  As one who has never painted, I allowed myself to close my eyes and feel what wanted to move within me.  I experimented with thick brushes and narrow brushes; I allowed paint to drip on the canvas, in addition to strokes of paint.  I even got into throwing paint on the canvas (felt somewhat rebellious and angry).  As with all of us, the painting became the metaphor of our life and provided insights in a much more rapid fashion than any dialogue could unearth.

Next came our two equine teachers: Theo and Brodie.  Beth provided us with safety information about how to approach the horse and she described the parallels between horses and people:  Establish the relationship first.  Someone has to lead.  Be conscious of the amount of pressure you are applying in any interaction and experiment with using less than normal.  See what happens.  Eye contact is perceived as pressure to the horse and it sends him away.  You must display the energy you wish the horse to mirror.  It became quite evident that the horse’s sense of our energy was spot on from many feet away.

Beth then invited several coaches, individually, to discuss a current challenge in their life, describe a motivation or feeling state they wanted in that situation, and then set an intention for how they would like to interact with the horse.  Each coach then chose to go into “the ring” alone with the horse or accompanied by Beth. Beth expertly coached each individual through their experience with the horse.  No words were said to the horse, yet each coach learned how to “speak horse.”  The power of their intention, and energy was all that was needed to have the horse follow, prance, or stop.  Yet the learning was so much more than about getting the horse to do what you wanted him/ her to do.  Amy Steindler sums it up so well:

“I was grateful for the timing of the Equus workshop, as I was in the midst of a very troubling time.  Beth’s skillful coaching and Theo’s gentle, accepting energy created the path for me to return to my natural energetic state of calmness and trust.  I plan to bring several groups of clients to experience Equus coaching with Beth, as I’m a firm believer in the power of experiential coaching, having created and facilitated several in my own practice.  

Kudos, too, to Elisabeth, for pointing out that my tentative application of paint and color might be a good metaphor for the tentative way in which I approach creative experiences, and for the freedom that comes from painting (and living) with less restraint and more trust in the process.

Gratitude, also, to the Professional  Development committee at ICFMD, for making this program available.  I’m confident that this kind of experiential coaching has a lot to teach us all.  I’ll look forward to future programs, and recommend them without restraint!”

Our deepest thanks to all who participated and especially to Beth and Elisabeth for sharing their expertise and their passion with us.  

Joy Goldman, PCC | Secretary, ICF MD Chapter

I so truly appreciate the coaching I got from Elisabeth even more than I could have imagined I would. It was a mere 6 weeks ago since the time I began the process and I have already been able to see some of the significant change I had hoped to achieve. It is truly remarkable. The work that gets done leads me to an energized place that guides me back to my creative self that seemed all but lost. (When this process came to me recommended by a friend, I had no idea that I would benefit the way I have.) I look forward to continue to enjoy and reap even more of the rewards of this unique process.
James F. | Massachusetts

Thank you Elisabeth for a great workshop.
I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this class but I walked away and was eager to paint again. You helped me start to silence the inner critique that has been talking very loud these past few years. Once I get my studio set up I will reach out to schedule some one on one sessions.
Thank you and talk soon,
Hallie, participant in Life Coaching – Intuitive Painting workshop, Yellow Barn | MD

Amazing time with Elisabeth today, so glad I got the chance to work with her! I would highly recommend taking a class/workshop with Elisabeth. My fears of doing something new quickly faded when I met her. I left feeling lighter, inspired and awakened. Thank you Elisabeth!
Louise Frey, participant in Life Coaching – Intuitive Painting workshop, Frederick | MD

This was the first painting class I’ve ever taken and it was the perfect way to start.  I was hesitant at first, but started finding my style after just a few classes.  I will definitely keep painting!!
Thanks!  I will try to take your next class or one of your workshops in the future!
Donna, student in Intuitive Painting Class, Yellow Barn, Glen Echo | MD

Elisabeth was so encouraging and helped me to become freer and more expressive in my painting.  As time went by, I was more trusting in the process and in myself.  She also offered insights and support to help me deal with my life’s transitions.  She’s terrific!

Student in Intuitive Painting Class, Frederick | MD

I think the reason for taking this class was best expressed by a follow student; I just wanted to be able to put paint on the paper.  Being VERY analytical, choosing what color to load on the brush, choosing the placement of the first touch, choosing which direction the brush will go, were all thought and re-thought to the point of paralysis.  While I still “hear the voices,” you taught me how to finding that happy place where I can “Feel” the paint.  That slipping and sliding of the brush and paint can make the critical analysis back down. I know that I may not have made a “traditional” work of art but I had fun making it.

As with any project worth doing, Art is a journey and I have a LONG way to go.  But I am eternally grateful to you for getting me moving on what will be an interesting and exciting adventure.  I look forward to our next class together!

Thank you!!

I’ve loved the class.  We all realized as we walked out to our cars the other night that next week is our last class – oh no!   It’s been great.

Students in Intuitive Painting Class, Yellow Barn | MD


Elisabeth’s life coaching – intuitive painting day was wonderful!

The overall experience was an affirmation not only of the healing power of art, but of how easily accessible it is to everyone — even those of us who “are not artistic”. I truly felt inspired by each person’s unique discoveries, including my own, and I was grateful for Elisabeth’s sensitive and insightful guidance as I moved through my painting.

Since the workshop, I’ve been longing to paint again — so I’ve signed up for a life coaching/painting program with Elisabeth. And I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me!

Participant in Full Day Life Coaching-Intuitive Painting Workshop, Frederick | MD

 Elisabeth, yesterday’s class was spectacular!

It was so freeing that I was emotionally drained, because I came home and fell into a deep and restful sleep for a couple of hours.

For me, it’s not about the outcome, but the journey itself. And, I can’t wait to replicate this process in the next class!


As always, working with you through this method felt like a worthy exploration.
I greatly appreciated your encouragement. You were clearly relating to each person as an individual with a unique perspective.

Students in Intuitive Painting class | MD


It gives me great pleasure to write this Testimonial as Elisabeth Vismans truly has a gift in Art and even just as profound is her ability to teach.  Her Expressive Painting Class focused on Intuitive painting from within in an effort to develop confidence, self-exploration and to be open. 

There was no pressure “to produce” anything at all — only to appreciate our own “work of art.”   Our class was urged to recognize our behavior patterns :  rigid or perfect — whatever,  and to think about what tendencies show up in our work or clothes.  Free expression for me was odd and difficult, but as I progressed,  I  felt more and more comfortable.  I became “bolder” and less “timid’ !!  We were encouraged to find our own painting style/voice.

 Elisabeth wanted us to “enjoy the process”  and  have an open mind, go out of our comfort zone and let go of self-judgment.  As I did just that, I was happier and more free-spirited !!  She like to say :  Be courageous !  Trust yourself !

 I so appreciated the opportunity to have found this class and our instructor, Elisabeth Vismans, who makes you feel valued for being  YOURSELF !!

Mary G:) | Yellow Barn in Glen Echo class participant

Thank you for having me in your class and for reintroducing me to the pleasure of painting. My last formal art training was 40 years ago in elementary school. You welcomed me and created a warm and nurturing environment for me to unleash the creativity that I didn’t even know existed.

What a pleasure to explore painting without being hindered by my lack of skill or fear of criticism. I look forward to taking another class with you in the fall.

Catherine Bourassa | Yellow Barn in Glen Echo class participant

What a blessing to find Instructor Elisabeth Vismans and her aptly named Transformational Art Workshop. A few well-chosen words from Elisabeth, a few nudges and whispers, and I experienced a new freedom and a new happiness in my creative process. Thank you!
Valerie |  Maryland


Listen to the testimonial of three women right after a 3-hour workshop

 at Visarts, Rockville in August 2013



Process painting on the phone … yes! It really works. I engaged Elisabeth to do process painting on the phone. I had no previous experience and no painting experience either. Elisabeth coached me on the steps to take. Then I followed her instructions and painted a picture. I took a photo of it, emailed it to her and then called her back. We talked about what I had painted, my feelings and observations … and about what I could add to my painting. Then I painted some more, sent her pictures and called her again. The process was easy and fun! And what a great way to explore and give expression to things that don’t always have words! Process painting has opened me up to new aspects of my own creativity, as well as allowing me to explore myself and my feelings, especially regarding some major changes and challenges in my life. I am looking at them now from a new, fresh perspective that feels more spacious. I have lots of choices and I can see more of them now. Thank you Elisabeth!

Laura A. Drury | Colorado – Moving Business Objectives into implementation

Elisabeth, I really enjoyed the workshop. I found your emphasis on “the process” rather than the finished product, to be very liberating, and just what I needed. Thank you for offering such a workshop and for your gentle, but encouraging coaching style.

Nancy | Frederick, MD

Thanks for a wonderful class! This class was SO much more than what I was expecting! It opened my creativity and let me see that I had been blocked in my ability to be playful and full of life! Thanks for helping me continue on my journey to live each day to it’s fullest potential! Love and Light

Angela | CO

Elisabeth, thanks for a wonderful day! I really shifted and so did something I was working on.

R. | Denver

Elisabeth provided me with helpful insights that I will use as I make a significant change in my life. I particularly appreciated a metaphor she gave me to use as a guide. The painting provided a way for me to open up, and the coaching afterwards deepened the effects.

Sarah, Telecommunications Professional | CO

Carol Ross RayNgPhoto elisabethvismans testimonials 2013Elisabeth Vismans is the creativity muse that you’ve been waiting for! By working in multiple modalities, and approaching her work with lightness and intuition, she’ll help you break through your mental brick walls. I loved her Process Painting workshop and even more, the way Elisabeth allowed me to discover what was inside of me that was unspoken, yet oh so powerful.

Carol Ross, Career Coach and Writer | Louisville CO


Elisabeth, thank you again for a wonderful and enlightening class yesterday. While just  “being” with the word “chaos”, that I used several times yesterday, I have had a new shift in perception regarding it.

That unfamiliar, unknown, beginning of a painting (and actually the whole process if not fully planned out) I now sense and embrace as “unstructured beauty” rather than chaos.

I needed to remove “chaos” from my being and create harmony within even if it is not “structured”.  I can see and feel the beauty in the random-ness and jumble of strokes on the canvas even if they are not fully ordered and under “control”.

This opens a new awareness for me as I begin new art pieces. This shift has been percolating for about a month. Several things came together to bring it closer to the light. Yesterday’s class allowed me to bring it to the canvas with paint and my hands. I tighten up with the brush, so I am going to play (!) with other painting tools as I create.

Thanks again!

Process Painting Workshop Participant | Louisville, CO

When I first started talking to Elisabeth a year ago, I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to do for my own business.

In the past year, she has helped me learn so much about myself and kept me focused and positive on my goal, which was to figure out a solid business idea. I finally know exactly what I’m going for.

Now, she is helping me organize my ideas and thoughts to get my business moving.

Thank you, Elisabeth!

M.S. |  New York

Thank you for the workshop !  I am glad I tried it !

I didn’t realize until now that you can learn about yourself by painting. It was an opportunity to think about who i am, what i do and what my motivations are deep down. When I came home, i bought supplies so i can paint at home myself!

I will definitely go back, especially if there is a longer workshop.

Nami | NYC

Elisabeth is wonderful to work with. She genuinely cares about helping you discover your deepest values and is highly perceptive. She guides you to that discovery through a process that is both in-depth and gentle. If you are interested in growing through the coaching process, especially if you have never tried it before (like me), I’d encourage you to start by having a chat with her! Thanks, Elisabeth!

Julia | Singapore

After a couple of months of regular coaching sessions I decided to take the process painting workshop and in both Elisabeth excelled in creating a safe environment where I could freely explore and express myself.

The value clarification in coaching made me realize what is truly important to me in life and led to my life purpose statement, that in turn is a beacon of light for me to go to. In the painting for process workshop – without judgment – I was able to make visible what I really felt inside, to be creative without any worries, just having a good time.

Over the years I have taken a few painting classes but this way of painting is a whole different matter. It is a perfect vehicle to silence my inner critic and to give me more confidence in making decisions in my career, with my family. Elisabeth’s guidance with the coaching as well as the process painting is strong, intuitive and life changing.

N. El-Kassar, M.D., PhD | Rockville, MD

I have become more in touch with a part of me that has been suppressed for so long. You made me listen to the child within and what makes it excited about life! It is a constant work trying to address the unique things I love and admire. It isn’t an easy road given the reality of life but with your guidance and help the far fetched dreams aren’t dreams; they will be part of my real life. Thank you for training me how to get them.

Fatima A | Washington DC

Even if you think you know everything about yourself, you’ll be surprised to find out otherwise through life coaching.

As long as you keep your ears, eyes and heart open, coaching will help you see things from different perspectives.
Elisabeth has encouraged me to focus on the things that I wish for and ways to achieve them with her positive outlook!

N. Sakai | NYC

I love having Elisabeth as my Life Coach.  It is great to know that there is someone on my side and willing to work me through any situation.

We are typically brainstorming ways to enhance my quality of life.  Elisabeth has a fine balance of listening and guiding.

J. Merk | Denver

Elisabeth, I am writing to tell you that I so truly appreciate the coaching I get from you more than you could know.  I started this process with you, a mere 6 weeks ago, and since that time I have been able to see some of the significant change I wanted to achieve. The work that gets done almost always leads me to an energized place that guides me back to my creative self that seemed all but lost. When this process came to me recommended by a friend,  I had no idea that I would benefit the way I have. I am not saying ‘good bye’ but  ‘thank you’ and I look forward to continue to enjoy and reap more of the rewards of this unique process.

Warmly and with gratitude,

Jim | Boston

Working with Elisabeth has been a wonderful experience! Her approach is of a practical nature; she is down to earth and personable. Elisabeth kept me on my toes and we were able to get to the core of the issues that kept me from taking my life to the next level; she  worked with me to develop a plan of action to achieve my goals. Highly recommended!

Lucas Boyd | Denver

I love Elisabeth’s energy! She is so in the moment and time and time again she is able to bring you back to your core self. Elisabeth is committed to healing! She is a great coach!

Astrid Wiewel | Pasadena CA

Elisabeth…your ideas on marketing my oil paintings along with ways to approach galleries and shows has been extremely helpful. If you had not encouraged me or shown me how to find my way through the maze of possibilities I would not have put myself out there. Thank you for getting me started.

Audrey | Frederick MD

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